Dear readers, today we open door number 10 and we will find not 1, not 2, not 3, I could continue like this until 24 but I won’t do it because I guess it would be annoying… You will get 24 gifts today, yay! 24 cans of super-fresh Satellite IPA 4.9% in cans – Luxembourg’s 1st IPA, and the first beer ever to be canned in Luxembourg sponsored by Grand Brewing Luxembourg.

Satellite I.P.A. 4.9%

Now in cans! Luxembourg’s first I.P.A. transmits tropical fruit aromas and hoppy bitterness straight to your taste receptors, with a finish as clean and dry as outer space. Payload 4.9% – no static at all.
Satellite was home-brewed in Luxembourg through the summer of 2015 before going into commercial production in December 2015.
If you didn’t try it yet, then you have to enter this contest and try to win 24 cans. To win, follow these steps:
  1. Like my Facebook page La Rivière Rose
  2. Like Grand Brewing Luxembourg‘s Facebook page
  3. Tag your thirsty friends
Take a look at Grand Brewing Luxembourg’s site to  learn more about their Tipp Topp Béier!
Do you need delicious craft beer, 100% made in Luxembourg, at your bar, restaurant, club, office, police station, whatever?
Silly question: of course you do.
Call Marc Biwer on +352 621 143 113 – Marc speaks fluent Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Italian, Swedish, and more.
Good luck and see you tomorrow!

Sarah Mignani(1)

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Only residents of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg can participate.
  2. You have to pick up your gift until 01.02.2018. If it’s a voucher I will send it per mail. If you don’t pick up your gift I will choose a new winner.
  3. This is a sponsored post and the presents are provided by the sponsor.
  4. You cannot reclaim money instead of the gift.
  5. You have to fulfill every single mentioned condition to participate.
  6. If you send me your picture with the gift, the picture will be posted on lariviererose’s social media.
  7. The daily giveaway starts at 0:00 in the morning and lasts for 24 hours during the 01.12.2017 and the 24.12.2017.
  8. The winner will be noticed by Facebook since the giveaway takes place on Facebook.