This blog post is about the blogs I love to read. I follow some of them since years and I think you might like them since every single of the following blogs produces high quality and creative content. Following blogs might be confusing for some of you, because you haven’t subscribed their newsletter. And if you don’t like having an inbox full of newsletters, but you still want to know if your favourite bloggers produced new content, then you need bloglovin’! You simply have to type the address of the blog you like in the search section, click on the follow button and you’ll have on one and only page, the feed of all your favourite blogs. Hey, you could start by adding my blog, La Rivière Rose. And here is the list of my favourite blogs that you need to check out:


The pastel look is so inviting and they come up with creative original ideas. Everything without exception is cute on this blog, I really like the printables for easy decoration ideas.

I follow this blog since many years and what I like the most are the layout of the pictures of the DIY projects, they look like art. Check out the craft math section for non kitsch DIY ideas. Ok maybe a bit kitsch, but in a good way.

Mr Kate has built an empire around her blog with her husband. The content is made by a whole creative team and it has the easy breezy California touch. Watch their YouTube videos “OMG we bought a house” for house renovation inspo.

The blog creator Jenni made a very complete business of this blog, with project DIY but also a shop, she wrote a book with DIY’s and she even offers classes.

My crush 💓 A Beautiful Mess
On this blog you’ll find pretty DIY projects but also great food ideas. I like the boho vibe of the blog which is also reflected on the projects. It’s a very famous blog, you probably know it already!


This blogger’s beautiful name is also Sarah, but it isn’t the reason why I like it,obviously! Sassy Red Lipstick is a body positive blog that inspires me a lot when I shoot pictures. I like every single outfit she’s wearing.

Now this blogger’s name is Sara aswell and on the screenshot she’s standing in Esch Alzette, my city, I must love her! Sara is a very talented friend of mine who made her dream come true. She quit everything to come to Luxembourg and live her self-employed dream. I respect her so much for that and she is a delightful young woman.

I don’t follow Serena since a long time but I am so happy that I discovered her blog. I think I found her on Instagram because I was looking for curvy outfits and BAM! I find this beautiful lady. I commented her Insta story once and she chatted with me. See how cool she is!

Perfect outfit every day, how does she do it. I think I couldn’t wear half of her outfits because I would look like a “Jevoultemaisjepouvtepas” this is Luxembourgish for, let’s say, idiot. She wears anything with elegance and grace.

My crush 💓 Nova Lana Love

And there she is, my Farina, I hope I can call her like that without sounding like a complete stalker. I love everything about her, I don’t use Snapchat anymore, I am more the Insta story person, I just keep it to follow her. She’s a real  Kölscher Mädche, authentic, even if she’s the most famous influencer of Germany. I like how she seems so normal. She’s funny, she’s pretty, she’s cool. And now I stop because I will scare her if she reads this.


Dramatic food pictures on this blog, they are perfect, Tieghan is a real food stylist! What I really like about this blog are the drink recipes.

This italian blog combines tradition with a cool modern touch. Riccardo and Stefano’s kitchen inspires me a lot.

The entertaining section on Honestly Yum is something I have never seen this way before. For a person like me who likes to have parties, it is #partyfoodgoals. It’s late and I start writing in hashtags, I better finish this blog post quickly!

When I want to cook something completely different from my comfort zone I take my inspiration on this blog. They have many great ideas for people who are bored to cook always the same kind of dishes.

My crush 💓 Love And Lemons

Oh Love & Lemons, you are so perfect! Every picture taken by the best possible angle. The crisp, white theme is minimalistic and simply beautiful. The recipes are simple and good. You can simply filter the recipes, I think that it’s this features that makes this blog my favourite food blog. And not to forget the simple print it feature. Love this blog so much!

And my crush 💓 who doesn’t fit in any of the categories above is The Fabulous Life of Ricci
I probably like him BECAUSE he doesn’t fit in any of these categories and I bet he is used to it and doesn’t give a shit. He’s quirky, talks a lot, he’s funny, very lovable and i think a genuinely kind person with a big heart. At least this is how he appears on his Insta stories. I like the fact that he finds a song for any situation like I do. I like the fact that he has nostalgia moments where he talks about what he did as a teenager, the music he listened, the toys he had… His blog posts are touching and emotional and it proves that he is not the superficial guy you might think he is at first sight.

After checking out all these blogs, don’t forget La Rivière Rose. A super cool, funny woman writes it and is happy about every single read. Oh, and she’s pretty and sweet aswell. And her name is Sarah!