My first vanlife experience

I am about to tell you how my first vanlife experience was, but actually this is not the real truth, my first vanlife experience wasn’t this year, it goes back to 2014, were my husband, at that time boyfriend and soon to be fiancé, and I, booked a camping car at the Ile de la Réunion. You have to know that at the Réunion you can do wild camping, and that the people there are not used to see tourists traveling in vans. It was a great during day, but when it came to find a place to camp and sleep I got so nervous every night. I was afraid that someone would break into our van and rob us or harm us. So I never really slept during the whole 11 day trip. The van was also very old and not comfy at all. Don’t misunderstand me, the island was beautiful and I have seen many breath taking places but I thought that vanlife just wasn’t a thing for me. Well, only fools don’t make up their mind.

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