Spring isn’t there yet but all I can think of is my summer trip to Mallorca. I see myself in the pool with a self-made strawberry margarita reading a good book in my brand new bikini. I can also see my sparkling future sandals and a cute off shoulder dress in a vibrant color. I have a gift, yes indeed, I can see the future! Believe me, this is going to happen. I saw a lot of fresh stuff on my favourite shopping sites and since people ask me on Instagram where I buy my clothes and accessories, I thought I coul write a blog post about it. If these things won’t be sold out until I buy them, you will se me in my future pics wearing them.


7 Plus Size Dresses For Summer 2016

I have not always been plus sized, but you know what happened? Life! Life happened. And it’s ok, I’m not saying I love my body, but I never loved it. I always felt fat, even when I wheiged 62kg. Quite the contrary, I feel more self confident now, not because of the weight, certenately not, but because I’m older and many things in life become so much easier when you’re older. What never changed is my need to look good.

There is no shame buying plus sized clothes,  the only shame is when they look hideous. Thanks Asos, Mango, Missguided, Boohoo and recently River Island too, girls with curves are able to find stylish fashion at a reasonable price. Since summer is slowely but surely coming, dress season is also coming and here are my favourite dresses available on the net right now.

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