DETOX WEEK – And How I Feel About It

Last Thursday I started my 14 days of detox. I wanted to do it because my husband went on a bike tour through Denmark, still weird to call him “my husband” even after two years of marriage, I never really got used to it, and I assumed he would drop some weight. So I wanted to drop weight too and also because my tummy is way too fat and I don’t like it.

The detox basically consists in:

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To be or not to be a mother

One year ago Carlos died. Flushed in the toilet. Carlos is not a gold-fish, Carlos was my embryo of six weeks. I might sound very raw to you when you read this, but reality is raw. These things happen in life but it’s not a topic you talk about for small talk. I know I won’t change the way people think about this taboo, but maybe some women that had the same experience will feel understood an at least I can put this behind myself. I’m not sad anymore. Why did I call him Carlos? With my husband we decided that if we would have a baby we would give him the name Charel or Charlotte. But since the embryo died, it wasn’t the real Charel/Charlotte so my friend named him Carlos, to talk about him more easily.

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