Mondays have a bad reputation, I bet half of the people who are reading this, hate Mondays. The weekend is over, work starts again and many people tend to blame Mondays for their bad mood. But I like to see it differently. Mondays can be great too. Every week you have the chance of a new beginning, new inspiration and ideas. I was thinking about my future blog posts and for today I planned to dig through my bathroom garbage, collect all the empty flasks and jars and write an article about beauty products I always run out of and rebuy all the time. I selected five products that I really like and would recommend.


Testing Spray Tan in Luxembourg

I’ve always wanted to test spray tanning since years and I never tried it because it was too expensive or because I didn’t find a good studio near to the area where I lived. Spray tan are words I also googled a lot or watched videos on YouTube to see how it works but somehow the reviews were always saying things like the tan is not even or the product has a funny smell.

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My everyday beauty essentials

When I do my hair and make up I don’t need quite much. Sure I love to test new products, but there are some things like my Maybelline LINErefine liner express, that you can buy at dm at e very reasonable price, which I use since high school. I love to contour and highlight with my Sleek MakeUP face contour kit in the shade light and the Ebelin brush by dm. To complete the look I use the L’Oréal Color Riche beige à nu 630 which besides having the perfect nude shade also smells good and came with a lip liner in the box.

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