11 Reasons That Prove You’re Old AF

Do you think to be and to feel old has nothing to do with a number? That is the first reason that proves you’re old. A young person would never make that statement. I know, schocking right? Check out following list to see if you regognize yourself in it.

11 Reasons that tell you that you might be a vintage version:
  1. You don’t know what the abbreviation ” AF” stands for. You have to google a lot of expressions the generation y is using because you don’t understand a word of what they are saying. In fact you don’t use abbreviations in your messages, you spell everything correctly.
  2. They go clubbing, you go to the disco. No you don’t! The music is way too loud to have a conversation with your friends.
  3. Did I say music? It used to be so much better in the past, when you knew the artists names and the lyrics of the songs. That’s why twice a year you go to a 90’s revival party. The only problem is that you need two days to recover from your hangover.
  4. After the party, you decide to spend 100€ for a cab. You really need your bed. The risk of breaking your sensitive bones on someone’s extendable couch is too high!
  5. You prefer a relaxed cheese & wine evening with your friends at home than a crazy party night out. You start buying quality wines for your dinner parties and don’t go for the 6 bottles for 15€ option. Your cheese comes from a gourmet shop, not from the discounter. You spend your money on household accessoires like a fancy cheese presentation board and a wine decanting set.
  6. People around you are getting pregnant… on purpose! Your Facebook feed is full of awkward pregnant bellies and “kids with stickers on their face “photos. People announce their pregnancy by posting photos with large, medium and mini sneakers or dogs are announcing they are having a brother or a sister. Speaking of child birth, you save money to sponsor baby showers, birth presents and communion gifts.
  7. You have a Hard Rock Café t-shirt collection. I had to say this. Kids nowadays don’t do that anymore. They have sneaker collections.
  8. You can’t wear high heels anymore because of your hallux valgus. And… you know medical terminology like hallux valgus. Comfy is more important than sexy!
  9. It is absolutely normal for you to carry a first aid kit packed with pills against diarrhoea, headache and heartburn.
  10. Once a year you get a total check-up and a blood analysis voluntarily because you never know…
  11. Finally you finished paying off your student loan. Yay, congratulations! Now you have to pay your much higher house loan.

As you may know, I live in Luxembourg, yes it’s a country in Europe and we speak Luxembourgish. Here is a special Luxembourg edition of the article in my mother tongue. The reasons are typically language based, that is why they are not in English.

image with text in luxembourgish

Thanks to my friends for always inspiring me for my blog lists. You may be old, but I still love you!

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