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I remember when I first downloaded the Snapchat app, I tried it for a few minutes and I deleted it right after. I’m too old for that shit was what I was thinking. It seemed so complicated and really not user friendly to me. But when a friend showed me how to use it I kind of understood the features. And now it looks like Snapchat is taking over social media, I catch myself checking it way more often than Facebook. I sit on the train doing silly faces with the built in filters and spam my friends. I love it! It’s kind of weird how comfortable I feel sending spoken messages sitting in the bathroom. But it’s fun! So I decided to share with you the snapchatters I enjoy the most besides my close friends.

snapshat favourites   girlwithnojob

Claudia Oshry started Girl With a Job when she was a PR intern, but when her coworkers noticed that she was making fun of them on her blog, she got fired and started Girl With No Job. Her snaps are hilarious especially when her alter ego “Claudette” comes out.

snapshat favourites   beckermanblog /

The Canadian Beckerman twins Cailli and Sam are fashion bloggers who travel a lot because they are the queens of collaboration. In their snaps you can see fashion shows, their dogs, crazy outfits and a lot of cheerfulness.

snapshat favourites  chelseahandler

Famous comedian Chelsea Handler takes over Snapchat and is now learning the Spanish language. Mucho funny!

snapshat favourites   holycamille /

Camille is a French blogger based in Paris, charismatic, funny, answers every comment I ever wrote her and she is kind of different, but in a very positive way. She is honest and would never promote anything she doesn’t like to get a collaboration. In her snaps you see her being silly, sometimes angry, singing in her car and talking to her followers.

snapshat favourites   emiliehigle /

I met Emilie Higle in a blogger class which she hosted in Luxembourg. She is an online influencer who has a lot of projects in Luxembourg, Paris and New York, mostly connected to fashion and she snaps in English with a cute French accent.

snapshat favourites   yayavanchique /

Yannick is a good friend of mine, I can’t exactly remember when I met him, I think it must be around 12 years ago. He lives in Luxembourg and snaps a lot in his car, at home and in the club. Yaya, you party animal!

snapshat favourites   novalanalove /

I just discovered her Snapchat yesterday and I’m addicted to it. She is so pretty, it’s crazy how beautiful she is! She lives in Cologne and snaps about clothes, hair, cosmetics, all the girly things.

snapshat favourites   mrkate /

Kate has built a YouTube / blog / DIY empire over the years. She lives in Los Angeles and if you like her snaps and DIY projects, you will have to read her book A Hot Glue Gun Mess it’s full of cute but also sometimes weird and psycho stories, and so is her Snapchat.

snapshat favourites   marianna_hewitt /

Marianna is a very sweet and chic woman in her snaps. She hangs out with famous people of L.A. whether working with them or spending quality time with them. Her Snapchat is like her blog, a clean layout, good quality pictures and very enjoyable to watch.

snapshat favourites   makeupbytessy / MakeUpByTessy

Tessy is  THE makeup artist of Luxembourg, I think she is probably the best one. When you look at her recent YouTube video you almost don’t notice that she is not from LA. She has got the looks, the kindness and charisma of a California girl. Follow her rise to Hollywood on Snapchat and if you can’t visit her event Señorita XO at the Melusina on March 12th you have to book an appointment for a special occasion.

Who are you following on Snapchat? Send me your snaps to tell me @lariviererose

Thanks for reading & buenos nachos!



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