My everyday beauty essentials

When I do my hair and make up I don’t need quite much. Sure I love to test new products, but there are some things like my Maybelline LINErefine liner express, that you can buy at dm at e very reasonable price, which I use since high school. I love to contour and highlight with my Sleek MakeUP face contour kit in the shade light and the Ebelin brush by dm. To complete the look I use the L’Oréal Color Riche beige à nu 630 which besides having the perfect nude shade also smells good and came with a lip liner in the box.

Loréal - Ebelin - Juicy Couture - Maybelline - Ogx - Smashbox
To hydrate my ombré hair I use argan oil & shea butter by Ogx. Not so long ago I went to Morroco and the benefits of argan oil seem to be almighty.
My fragrance is Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture and it is actually hard to find. I buy it at Boots when I’m in London.
Thanks for reading! What are your beauty essentials?