Marché Des Créateurs

You don’t like to sit on your sofa on weekends? Me neither! The marché des créateurs is perfect even if the weather is not. Put on your chucks and visit the indoor market at the Mudam on the 21 & 22.05.2016. Time to discover new artists, designers and in general creative folks. You know what’s the best? It’s for free, no dinero needed except you want to buy a little something, what you really should do!

I googled and stalked all the artists on their web pages and social media accounts and I made a little review of those I liked the most. Click on the artist’s name or on the picture to be redirected to their sites. You should know by now that I love lists!

marché des créateurs MUDAM

Stéphanie Radenac

Stéphanie Radenac sells ordinary objects designed in an extraordinary way. I’m totally into her stuff, I could buy everything. I need that precious golden apron!

Photo by Stéphanie Radenac
Photo by Stéphanie Radenac

Salomé Charly

This artist makes hand carved and sculpted geometrical luxury jewellery. It looks both contemporary and fanciful due to the natural colours and different shapes on gloss and silver metal.

Photo by Salomé Charly
Photo by Salomé Charly

Orane & Enora

This is a brand of luxury shoes for women from the French designer Valérie Bourgoin. The shoes are manufactured of the finest quality leathers an materials in first rate Italian factories. I especially like the Casey boot, a boot with a cute little bow an the heel seems to be high but comfortable – perfect combo!

Photo by Orane - Enora casey
Photo by Orane – Enora


Main Sauvage

For those who have kids or remained big children, there is this young French brand “Main Sauvage” who produces soft toys and furnishings. Sauvage on one hand and strictly fair on the other.

Photo by Main Sauvage toys
Photo by Main Sauvage

Anne-Marie Herckes

This brooch, necklace and key chain creator works on the miniaturisation of icons from fashion history. Little icons appear that you can attach as a brooch or a charm. Her accessories are an homage to fashion and its creators, but not without irony as she says.

Photo by Anne-Marie Herckes
Photo by Anne-Marie Herckes

Rina Oliveira

Rina Oliveira is a jewellery collection created by Japanese artist Naho Nakamaru. The pieces are elegant and filigree, perfect to wear everyday and on special occasions too.

Photo by Rina Oliveira
Photo by Rina Oliveira


Juliette Vergne

Juliette is an artist and textile designer who started her label in 2013 in her atelier in Mulhouse. Take a look at her hand made and  silk scarves. Look at those colours, I wouldn’t know which one to choose.

Photo by Juliette Vergne
Photo by Juliette Vergne

Les Pieds De Biche

If you like up cycled and redesigned furniture you have to take a look at this stand. They mix colour with modernized vintage furniture and the result is spectacular. Their small accessories like flower pots and lamps are the perfect gift  if you are looking for an exclusive present.

Photo by Les Pieds De Biche
Photo by Les Pieds De Biche

Emilie Marc Atelier

In her studio, Emilie creates, manufactures and points entirely by hand various objects from raw and natural materials. Her creations are unique pieces that celebrate her love for wood and nature.

Photo by Emilie Marc Atelier
Photo by Emilie Marc Atelier

Thanks for reading and see you at the Mudam!

Designers : Akin To, Anne-Marie Herckes, Atelier Jeanne Pommaux, Atelier Ornicar, Barbarisme Paris, Beatrix Li-Chin Loos, Carrousel, Dé, E/Und, Elena Andreou Jewelry, Emilie Marc Atelier, Juliette Vergne, Lapapaye Design, Les Pieds de Biche, Main Sauvage, Maison Mme, Michael Guerisse O’Leary, Missgagarina, Orane-Enora, Origanid, Passe moi l’sel Chérie, Pschitt, Rina Oliveira, Salomé Charly, Sapinbrut / Woolandwool, Stéphanie Radenac, Studio Lunik, Suddesign, Un oiseau sur un fil, VYF Scarves Budapest, Yoisho

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