Same procedure as every year! With my husband and a bunch of friends we flew to Mallorca for two weeks during August. I tried to resume all the cool stuff we did and created a little travel guide. This guide is for the people who enjoy the sweet things of life, like procrastinating on the beach, having a nice meal and cocktails with friends and staying in fabulous places. If you are the “I need an adrenaline rush everyday” kind of person, this guide is not for you. If you are that kind of person you probably don’t enjoy my blog…

There are 3 categories in my guide, where to stay, eat and what to do:

Where to stay Guide

ONE WORD – FINCALLORCA.COM! Every time I travel to Mallorca, I stay in a finca. I prefer to rent a place than to stay in a hotel because you can use the pool whenever you want, there are no kids and no other tourists, no buffet ( I hate buffets), you can make noise, as long as your finca is situated in a place far from your neighbours and I can cook myself if I want to. Some years ago I found the website by Google and I am so satisfied with their services that I found and booked 4 fincas trough the site. They have a vast choice of villas and their descriptions are always accurate.

This year we had two fincas, I liked the first but I LOVED the second. It was the Villa Paraiso Vista near Son Macià. I really recommend the villa, en suite bathrooms for each bedroom, modern decor, air con everywhere, outdoor kitchen, nice pool, many little niches to chill and the owner, Herr Müller, was also very kind.

Food Guide


BEST SUSHI EVER! It was my third time at this restaurant in the upper class Port Adriano. I always take the same plate, the big sushi platter to share,  and I have never been disappointed. I shared it with my husband, it cost 100€ for two persons. The quality of the fish is exceptional and this year I must say that the service was also impeccable. Our waiter Victor was fast and charming, my cocktail, a Cosmopolitan, was done exactly how it should be done and the view is incredible. He even gave us 2 bottles of cava, which was a nice move. I like to  slender and to look at the big yachts, they are so massive and impressive. Every year I hop to be invited on one of the boats. What should I say… maybe next year!

€€€ upper class prices, the wines are expensive – suited for kids – casual chic outfit


LOVELY PLACE! We celebrated our friends birthday in this restaurant, the atmosphere was chic and romantic, it’s a good place to wine and dine. Maybe not the right place to celebrate a birthday with, how should I say, a bunch of loud and cheerful people. But the waiters somehow appreciated us. It was more the other costumers who looked at us because we had a good time, because we were younger than the average costumers and I guess people never understand our language and try to find out what we are speaking. But the food was nice, I had a salmon mango  tartare and duck, which was absolutely great. The waiter offered us the traditional Mallorcan digestive but since I don’t like hierbas, I chose to have a whiskey instead and I was positively surprised when I got a Maccallan.

€€ luxembourgish prices, wich means 25€ for meat or fish and about 10€ to 18€ for a starter – dress posh


GREAT TAPAS – Magaluf is a place I despise, there are drunk and stinky people everywhere, it’s a very touristic place and I’m really not interested in that kind of party/binge drinking atmosphere,  I’m too old for that shit! Now you maybe want to know why I was there? We may have celebrated a fake stag/hen night and we may have booked a male stripper at our villa and wanted to party like the guys of the hang over movie. Let’s say this, we found a lot of drugs, a Chinese man (not the band), prostitutes and even a baby. The only thing we didn’t find was a tiger. What else did we find? One of the best tapas restaurants in Mallorca! Tan a Gustito is like a foodie wellness bubble in Magaluf. The stuff was nice and the food even nicer. I recommend the portobello mushroom carpaccio.

€ the prices are reasonable – dress however you want, you will always look better than the others, you are in Magaluf girl!


HAVE TRUFFLE PIZZA! We discovered this restaurant by chance after visiting the market and shops of Santanyi. It is hidden in an inner terrace, decorated in the typical Santanyi style, boho chic. I had the truffle pizza, the summer love cocktail, actually I had three summer love cocktails and I liked my husband had a poke bowl. I recommend everything in this place and the stuff was also super friendly. The changed our table three times because we didn’t want to sit in the sun.

€ The prices are more than reasonable and you can dress casually.


COOL DESIGN! This restaurant is situated in a quiet area and it decorated in an artistic, contemporary style. They serve tapas, pizzas, pasta, fish and meat. Normally I never eat pasta in a restaurant, because on the one hand I don’t eat wheat pasta and on the other hand I am Italian and let’s say that my pasta is quite nice and I don’t want to be disappointed. especially in Spain, I made bad experiences with pasta dishes. But here I really craved for prawn pasta and it was great. We had some tapas as a starter and since the menu wasn’t well translated, my husband has meat in his pasta. He is vegetarian, so let’s say he wasn’t amused. But the manager apologized and he got his dish for free. The atmosphere was chilled and we had a great evening.

€ Not expensive and casual with many local guests

Activity Guide


A DREAM CAME TRUE. My first time on a catamaran was absolutely fantastic. We booked a ride with Andy and we sailed for 4 hours to hidden beaches. If I should mention my favourite activity of all time in Mallorca it would be the catamaran ride. I loved being on that boat. It wasn’t a cheap activity but if you know that people who take a large group catamaran only pay 50€ less than we paid ( I think we paid 130€ p.p. / group of 7 for the whole catamaran + skipper Andy) it is definitely the wiser choice!


ARTISTIC VILLAGE – The village of Santanyi is wonderful. The boho chic atmosphere of this village really catched my eye. Girl I wish I owned a boutique in that town! Twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, you can visit the local market with both food and clothes/accessories stands. There are a lot of visitors but it’s worth a walk.


IN VINO VERITAS – Last year I visited the Macia Battle bodega because I discovered their wine in a restaurant. I didn’t book a visit but the girl in the shop offered us a tasting and their wines are excellent and their salt as well. If you are a wine lover, there are so many bodegas in the center of the island to visit.


BLAST FROM THE PAST – If you want to enjoy a ride in 100-year-old train or/and have very instagramable pictures, you have to go to Soller. But I have to warn you, it’s not worth to take the tram in the city of Soller, it’s expensive and not worth the ride. Train yes, tram no!


YOU CAN SUN TAN – You know what I don’t like about the beach? I hate those fruit selling and yelling men. You know those who scream constantly “Looky, looky” and sound like drag queen parrots. Beach please, I’m here to relax! So we decided to find “secret” places. In fact, the secret places aren’t so secret but at least you won’t find screaming men on them.

In the south-east we found Cala Varquez (follow the link to see exactly where it is). It is a small sand beach, where the people are peaceful. There is even a stand where some hippies sell food and drinks. The only inconvenient is the way to the beach. You must walk for 2km on a straight rocky way and then  continue for 1 km in the wood to finally arrive to the beach. But it’s worth the walk. There were no jelly fishes in the sea and the water was crystal clear and hot. Definitely worth a swim!

I hope you enjoyed my guide, of course there are so many more things to do in the beautiful island of Mallorca, but hey, this is a blog post, not a book.