I hate rain, I bet you feel the same! If you live in Luxembourg like me, you noticed that the sun is on vacation and it won’t come back any time soon. This is why I wrote a survival guide for rainy days in form of a list and here we go:

  1. Hot chocolate and a warm pair of socks makes many people happy but I’m more the glass of champagne (we know I meant bottle, right!) and a new pair of shoes person. Plus champagne has the color of the sun and it has bubbles. Like Ariel’s Sebastien says, life is the bubbles!
  2. Sun tan studio sounds unhealthy I know, it’s 2018, are there even people who still visit tanning studios? I have to admit that I like it to feel the heat on my skin even if it’s only for 10 minutes and in a sardine tin.
  3. Listen and sing to motivational songs like, Aquarius – Let the Sunshine In by Fifth Dimension, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John and George Michael (RIP George I love you), Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald, School’s out for Summer by Alice Cooper, In the Summertime by Jerry Mungo. Do not listen to Moby or what’s the name of the depressive one? Dido! Don’t listen to her.
  4. Get a Netflix subscription to watch comedies. I like to watch Grace and Frankie, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Modern Family and Girlboss when I need a good laugh.
  5. Plan your next holiday! I always use apps like Instagram and Tripadvisor to spot cool places. I’ve heard of this new app Spoticle, I should try it!
  6. Use your favourite sun lotion as body lotion after a warm bath. The scent will remind you of a sunny day at the beach.
  7. Invite your friend for dinner and ask them to bring board games. I recommend Time’s up, Concept, Ticket to ride, If you like charade games you should try the app Heads Up.
  8. Make a DIY project you always wanted to create but never took the time to actually start it. I am more the “I start knitting, crochet, broderie and never finish my things. I was kind of proud this week when I made a Holy Golightly sleep mask from the beginning to the end.
  9. Sauna, hammam is always a good idea, it makes you feel fit and healthy and if you are lucky enough, you will spot a handsome man between all the old bastards.
  10. Shop a stylish rain outfit and jump into a water puddle. If you do it right you won’t get wet, only the people next to you will. This one never gets old to me.