It’s been kind of a long road, but a good journey altogether. I will tell you my story after university and how I stepped into the working world, a.k.a. REALITY. And most important of all, how I landed the job of my dreams.


I chose to study science of education because since I was a kid I  thought it would be the job of my dreams. Well, I was COMPLETELY wrong. I hated the studies, the bitchy students, the super boring ( university and the children in the field work. I hated everything related to university. I somehow managed to get trough 5 semesters without academic problems.

But I knew that I had to quit to be satisfied in life. I couldn’t be a teacher if I hated all the people around me. So I quit studying after 5 completed semesters and I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO IN MY LIFE. My mother hated me because of quitting and even some of my friends were furious because they all thought I would throw away everything I managed to reach to that point.

And well I kind of did it, I left my past behind me to step into a rocky road looking for happiness.

Nobody wanted to give me an interesting job, so I had to take what they gave me. I speak 7 languages, 6 of them fluently, I went to university for 3 years, but none wanted to give me a job. So I took several jobs as a receptionist at minimum wage. I got treated like a piece of shit by my boss who didn’t know my name and called me missy. I eventually quit that job because it was unbearable and sold my home made cupcakes to earn money to live.  In another work place I even worked in a 6 square meter office without any window; in winter I never saw daylight. I got promises that never got real, I often didn’t get paid on time…

But I never regretted not finishing my studies and not being a teacher in Luxembourg, where you get paid a lot of money and have plenty of free time. But you have to work with superficial bitches that think they do the hardest job in the world and think they are better than anyone else. I didn’t want that, BECAUSE I WAS STILL SEARCHING FOR  MY PERSONAL HAPPINESS.  I am not a person that gives up easily. I actually never give up and believe that good things happen to good people. You just have to work hard for it.


I think, first of all, to land a dream job, you have to be aware what kind of characteristics the job of your dreams has.

I found out what kind of things made me happy by doing a brainstorm on a board. I wrote down all kind of words that sounded good to me like:

media, press, creativity, fashion, beauty, photography, writing, colourful, team, social media, travel, individual, flexible, advertising

Then I analysed these words and put them together. I found out that I wanted to work for a magazine or somewhere I could be creative every day. I sent an application to every magazine in Luxembourg. BUT NONE INVITED ME TO AN INTERVIEW. I didn’t have the right studies to be a writer…

Instead of forgetting and throwing away my dream, I started my portfolio. I mean nobody will give you a job in a field where you don’t have any experience. So I started writing my blog.

Quitting university close 1  door, STARTING MY BLOG OPENED HUNDREDS OF OTHER DOORS.

I landed my last and my current job because of my blog. I am the marketing manager of the best hair salon chain in Luxembourg, FERBER hair&style. I can be creative every day, I advertise products, decorate the shops, write blog posts about products, manage the social media, think about new strategies.

And you know what else? I AM HAPPY EVERYDAY.

Tips on how to land the job you want:

  1. Invest time in creating a suitable CV. Be creative, look up in the internet for modern CV’s. You have to stand out and be unique. 
  2. Don’t wait for a job announcement – write an application to every company you like. Call the companies to get the right email address to send your cv to. 
  3. Be confident. Only if you think of yourself that you are the best for the job, you can get it. 
  4. Be patient. It lasted 8 years until I found the right job.

I hope my article helped you and I cross my fingers for you. You deserve to land the job of your dreams and that makes you happy! Don’t hesitate to email me for personal tips.

Sarah Mignani(1)


  1. Your writing moved me. It is inspirational and motivational. I am still an University student and I know that what I’m interested in now may not give me inner happiness. Personal happiness is of course more important than doing work for salary. Apart from that, I must say that I love the crispness in your writing!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, that really means much to me. I hope you will find your personal happiness. Never give up!

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