During the month of October I had the privilege to test and review the HelloFresh Box. If you don’t know the concept of the HelloFresh Box yet, let me explain it to you. HelloFresh offers boxes with just the right amount to cook a recipe. They send you a detailed recipe description with step by step pictures and short and easy explanations. To succeed doing their dish you only need to know one thing, in fact, you only need to know where to find a kitchen and the rest will go by itself. You don’t believe me? Go ahead and read more…

Here is one example of a recipe card, it is always explained in 6 steps with step by step pictures and a small text. On the side of the card you find the list of the ingredients, how many calories per portion and how to easily cook it for 1 to 6 people. On the front of the card you find a wine suggestion, how long it takes to cook it, the level of difficulty and the amount of days within you have to cook it.

  • Original Box, recipes with fish and meat
  • Veggie Box, recipes with vegetables
  • Family Box, recipes adapted for the whole family

You can always choose between 3,4 or 5 dishes a week for 1 to 6 people. It is also possible to choose specific options like Calorie-focus, Discovery, Veggie, Quick&Easy, Family and Original.
If you want to add an extra once in a while here are the extra boxes:

  • Wine Box
  • Fruit Box
  • Breakfast Box

(I didn’t test the extra boxes)


In Luxembourg, Fresh Box delivers three days a week for free. You get to choose your menu before Wednesday 12 pm and to pick a delivery day and time frame. They deliver the fresh food where you want on following days:

  • On Saturday from 9 am to 2 am
  • On Monday from 4 pm to 9 pm
  • On Wednesday from 4 pm to 9 pm

You pay by entering your credit card number and if you don’t want to be delivered anymore and put your subscription on hold, you just have to go to their website or use the HelloFresh app and push pause before Wednesday 12 pm. The app is well done I prefer it to their site because I find it easier to handle and to find what I am looking for. There are no subscription fees, it’s not like a gym membership guys, you only pay if you really get a box. (By the way, to all the gyms I sponsored and didn’t use…you’re welcome, see it like a donation from me to you.)


+ Always new recipes, you wouldn’t cook in your everyday routine.
+ No waste, because you get exactly what you need per person.
+ Bye bye grocery store stress, you get delivered where and when you want and you don’t buy stuff you don’t really need.
+ Good quality and fresh products, no need to explain this point, it’s all said!
+ The price, I had the box for 4 people three times a week and it cost in the average 5,70€ per dish per person.
-You never feel hungry but sometimes you would eat a little more because it tastes so good. It’s mostly for the pasta dishes and the bread dishes, for the rest I always had enough. But you can add a little pasta if you feel the need, who says that it’s forbidden?
-There is no Vegan Box. I would love to order a Vegan HelloFresh Box, because I have many vegan friends and I never know what to cook for them. It would be easy to order a vegan menu for them when you have a dinner party with many guest.
I hope my post helps you to understand the HelloFresh concept and if like me, you can’t wait to cook it, use my discount link to order you box! Thank you to the HelloFresh team for giving me the opportunity to test this cool and good service.
See you  soon!