Goals for the rest of the year
3 baskests of organic tomatoes

The following post is about my goals for the rest of the year. I paired it with these photos of my garden that I took during late summer. My husband and I started planting our own organic vegetables and this year we harvested so many tomatoes that we made literally everything on a tomato base. Organic food rhymes with balanced life. To achieve a more balanced life I decides to make some changes in my life and here they are.

Updating the look of my blog

Since I started my blog back in 2014, I changed the look of my blog only once. I felt the urge to change from WordPress.com to Siteground since a long time but I always had too much respect for it. Today, I dared to dream about my self developed blog and here I am, after a lot of hard work I proudly present you my new site. There was a moment, I thought about changing the name lariviereose.com to sarahmignani.com, but after all I decided to emphasise more on my name and to add it to the logo but also to keep the original title of the blog because slowly but surely, people in Luxembourg start to know my blog.

I was under time pressure, because I want to apply for next year’s Blog Award 2020 and I have to submit my application before November. So I hope you like the new look, I want it to be more grown-up and more natural looking, less pink and girly. I made it easier to browse through categories and thank some new plugins, the blog looks modern and clean.

Now I only have to add new content and I would love to know what you want to read about? Don’t hesitate to leave comments or to contact me by my brand new contact form.

Finding a new job

My biggest goal for the rest of the year is finding a new job. I don’t know how many applications I send yet but let’s say a lot. Sometimes it’s frustrating getting rejected but hey, I am used to it! Every time I get rejected, I tell myself that there is a purpose why it didn’t work out, that something better is waiting for me and that I have to continue believing in myself. Giving up has never been an option for me and failure is ok as long as I stand up and continue pursuing my dreams.

tomatoes in the garden of sarah mignani the blogger

Stop grieving, start remembering

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that back in April, my best friend died. It’s not the first time that I am confronted to a grieving situation since I lost my father when I was 22. But it was quite a shock when Riadh’s mother called me to tell me that he suddenly passed away. I was not prepared for that! He was not only my best friend, he was more than that, he was like my brother. When I got married, I chose him to walk me to the isle. He was solid as a rock and the reference person in our clique of friends. To see that someone’s life can end so fast doesn’t leave anybody cold. I started thinking about life and what makes me happy. Life is way too short to do stuff you don’t want to do.

But life is also too short to be sad. Don’t get me wrong, I feel an emptiness because he not here anymore and because I miss him so much. But this situation opened my eyes and I embrace life and realise my dreams. I do not want to be stuck in a life that I don’t enjoy, like so many people around me in my country. I am not the kind of person that complains about situations and that doesn’t change anything to make it better.

What made it easier?

And one day, not too long ago, I stood up, took my shower and while the hot water was running on my back I told myself that it was time to accept the death of my friend. That it was time to stop being sad and angry. It doesn’t help you, neither it brings the person back that you miss so much. Still thinking and talking about him everyday… I planted a tree in his memory with my friends and family, I keep material things in memory of him. I do this to remember him but my anger is gone. As a big Freddy Mercury fan he would say, show must go on!

Taking more walks

Like George Michael used to say, let’s go outside! No I’m not about to make a coming out I just want to say that I’m less a walker and more the talker. My phone is constantly telling me that I don’t walk enough. One of my big goals for the rest of the year is to take more walks with the dogs in every possible weather. In Luxembourg you can get from October to December the whole meteorological palette, from sun to snow. Like my mother says, there is no bad weather, there are only not suitable clothes. Well that’s a lie, my mother would never say that! She would say let’s have a coffee and a cig! Nevertheless, I will take time and fight lazy Sarah to take those walks and challenge my health app.

Pimping my garden shed

Last but not least, I will spend more time in my garden shed at the Galgenberg. My plan is to pimp it from the inside. This is why I started painting the walls in the white shabby chic look. Now I have to finish it and make it look more cosy. I also planned to make new curtains relying on my non existing sewing skills. We will probably have very avant-gardy curtains that you will find in Berlin next spring.

So this is it for the first post about my goals for the rest of the year on the new blog. I am back bitches!