Food Truck Pop Up in town

I’ve always liked food trucks, I don’t know why, guess it’s because they carry food! Obviously. When I read on Facebook that there would be a Food Truck Pop Up in Esch, 100 meters next to my house, I grabbed my Olympus Pen to take some snaps.

The weather was good, but I think a Tuesday afternoon isn’t the best to host such thing in the center of Esch, there were a few people. Maybe a Saturday would attract more hungry tummies. Even the famous “Jeitze Mich” missed the trucks. If you don’t know Jeitze Mich (Screaming Mich) you don’t miss anything unless you like the company of yelling, grumpy old men. Then again I would recommend you to visit Esch-sur-Alzette on market day.

The food truck owners didn’t worry to much about the few people and they were all friendly and chatty with me like the lady who runs StEATchef. Two weeks after Easter Fair I could compare that the food trucks provide good value on the served dishes. Instead of small “Grillwurschten” in dry bread, you could buy fancy hot dogs as seen on the FLO’S Finest Hot Dogs, mouthwatering spare ribs on the Food Riders truck, traditional “Kniddelen” and more on the smurf blue Foody truck and for the good old burger lovers you could eat your bun at The Food Truck and at The Karavan. And if you got thirsty with all that food you could grab a coffee at the lovely tiny Cafe Tree Lambretta or a beer at my favourite truck,  Au Bon Marché, not because of the beer, what do you think! No, because of the old charming Citroën.

I hope the trucks will find their way to Esch one more time in summer, maybe with a stage nearby and a band playing good songs, that may attract more people. Food truckers, you may think about it.

coffee machinea foodtruck with two personsburger foodtruck in esch-sur-alzettepanini foodtruckfoodriders_2

little foodtruck