For Saint Nicolas Day there will be an advent calendar gift for your tummies. Guillaume and Adrien of the Restaurant Pizzeria Stella Rosa in Soleuvre where so kind to offer a voucher in the amount of 50€. The Stella Rosa is a restaurant where you can have house-made pasta and pizza but also the traditional meat and fish dishes that you like. They always have new suggestions on their menu card and they don’t hesitate to put a lot of food on your plate. I visit this restaurant regularly, tried the whole menu and I have never eaten something that wasn’t tasty.
I bet I made your mouth water! If you want to win this 50€ voucher, you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Like my Facebook page La Rivière Rose
  2. Like Stella Rosa‘s Facebook page
  3. Tag an always hungry friend

If you would like to try the Restaurant Pizzeria Stella Rosa with excellent reviews, you can book a table by phone +352 59 39 02 – 273, rue de Metzerlach L-4441 Soleuvre.

I wish you good luck and see you tomorrow for the next advent calendar door!

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Only residents of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg can participate.
  2. You have to pick up your gift until 01.02.2018. If it’s a voucher I will send it per mail. If you don’t pick up your gift I will choose a new winner.
  3. This is a sponsored post and the presents are provided by the sponsor.
  4. You cannot reclaim money instead of the gift.
  5. You have to fulfill every single mentioned condition to participate.
  6. If you send me your picture with the gift, the picture will be posted on lariviererose’s social media.
  7. The daily giveaway starts at 0:00 in the morning and lasts for 24 hours during the 01.12.2017 and the 24.12.2017.
  8. The winner will be noticed by Facebook Messenger since the giveaway takes place on Facebook.