Today we open door number 14 and guys, you know what? I will completely spoil you little brats. Together with Maison Steffen, I will give you the opportunity to win 4 gifts in the total value of 100 euro. The Steffen family is a butcher family since six generations.
It all started in 1989 in Steinfort, Frank Steffen, founds Maison Steffen, a butcher-meat shop that celebrates the culture of good meat. Its goal: to offer its customers healthy, tasty products from rigorously selected regional farms. Since then, the House has come a long way. Or rather “the” Houses. Indeed, faced with the success of the parent company, the brand has established itself in the four corners of Luxembourg: first in Dudelange, then in Cents, in Pétange, and finally, in Esch-Sur-Alzette. Lucky me, it’s just around the corner, now you know where I live! I like to shop my italian sausages there since I love to cook fusili with peas and salsiccia.
And now you read all this and wonder what you can win? Let me tell you one by one:

  • A quarter Lisanto ham, coeur de jambon 12 mois, jambon fumé cru Marque Nationale. This fine ham is the best when cut in very thin slices. If you want it to be cut by a professional butcher, simply head to your favourite Maison Steffen branch. This ham won the Superior taste award back in 2015 and the Steffen family is very proud of it, in fact it is so special, that they named it after their children, LISe, ANne and TOm.

You will also get a 25 € voucher to dine at La Table de Frank at 10 rte d’Arlon L-8410 in Steinfort facebook-logo-button their restaurant in a cozy setting, both refined and authentic, where no detail was left to chance. You may want to try their Carpaccio or an excellent piece of meat. Did you know that the cows grown for Steffen get massages and that the piggies play ball? The animals are treated with respect and the philosophy of Steffen is that it’s better to eat once a week a very high quality piece of meat and stop the mass production under non bearable circumstances for the animals.

  • The third part of the gift package is a 10 € reduction coupon for Steffen meat bought in one of their Maison Steffen branches.

And the last one is a bottle of Roots Steffen Traiteur extra virgin olive oil. Roots is part of the brand Steffen traiteur, if you want an event organised with simple pure food, than Roots is meant for you. Roots is more than a new gourmet collection, it’s a global concept that has never been presented as such in our region. This new approach seeks to raise awareness of the five senses of the customers constantly. Roots, this return to our roots, is innovative because it seduces with its approach taste, visual, olfactory, touch, and finally, auditory through the music broadcasted if the customer wishes.
These are a lot of gifts that, les artisans du bonheur aka Steffen is sponsoring for the advent calendar today. If you would like to win these gifts, simply follow these steps:

  1. Like my Facebook page La Rivière Rose
  2. Like Maison Steffen‘s Facebook page
  3. Tag a meat lover and share the post

If you wondered while watching the video, no these aren’t actors, these are all members of Groupe Steffen. They always use colleages in their videos.
That’s it for today, I wish you good luck and see you tomorrow!

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Only residents of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg can participate.
  2. You have to pick up your gift until 01.02.2018. If it’s a voucher I will send it per mail. If you don’t pick up your gift I will choose a new winner.
  3. This is a sponsored post and the presents are provided by the sponsor.
  4. You cannot reclaim money instead of the gift.
  5. You have to fulfill every single mentioned condition to participate.
  6. If you send me your picture with the gift, the picture will be posted on lariviererose’s social media.
  7. The daily giveaway starts at 0:00 in the morning and lasts for 24 hours during the 01.12.2017 and the 24.12.2017.
  8. The winner will be noticed by Facebook since the giveaway takes place on Facebook.