You may have noticed that since I started my diet, which is not really a diet but more a change of my nutrition, I cook my lunch and snacks at home and bring them to work. For the transport I used old takeaway containers, which are not great for the reuse or use in the dishwasher. So it was absolutely convenient when the brand BergHOFF asked me to collaboration with them. They sent me the newest addition to their LEO collection, the to-go collection products. I got the bento box, the dual lunch pot, the travel flatware set, the water bottle and the personalized travel mug with my name on it. They now have this temporary offer, where if you buy the BergHOFF travel mug, you get it pimped for free with whatever text you want.

Since I stared to live more consciously, I try to make as little waste as possible and it is important to purchase products that are qualitative and don’t break quickly. The quality is very important but I have to admit that I also appreciate an attractive design. For me, the LEO on-the-go collection combines quality, functionality and design.

The design of these BergHOFF products inspired me to create the following recipes:



Since a few month, Cactus is running its #bewosst campagne promoting their sustainable, organic products. Their PR team sends luxembourgish bloggers products of their organic range to test and talk about. For the luxembourgish National Day, which is the 23rd of June, we celebrate our Grand-Duke Henri’s Birthday (even if he was born in April…) and for this occasion Cactus came up with another cool idea. Bloggers and foodies are invited to create a national dish, with or without a little twist and post it on their blog or social media with the hashtag #granddukesbirthdaymeal and #cactuslu. If you know me a little, you know that I love challenges, so I came up with the idea to cook Kniddelen (mix of flour, water, milk and eggs poured spoon by spoon in boiling water) with arrabiata sauce and to decorate it with a light blue hortensia to reproduce the national flag on a plate. Continue reading “NATIONAL DAY RECIPE – JUMBO KNIDDELEN ARRABIATA”


Strawberry season has finally arrived and I am proud to announce that you can find my new recipe in the summer edition of KACHEN MAGAZINE, go check out their website for many other cool recipes. I got the chance to write a recipe for this edition trough the blog award that I won back in October 2017. This recipe contains my favourite things: strawberries + margaritas. I love doing margaritas in summer but I wanted to do a special version for the magazine and I ended up mixing it with rhubarb, which is a perfect combo. Also a special thanks to Villeroy & Boch for the Brindille plates and glasses!



What do you think about infused water? I find it very refreshing and it’s a great way to drink more water. I mean water is quite boring but if you pimp it with fruit and vegetables you can make healthy cocktails in just a few minutes. SodaStream sent me recently their Sodastream Spirit machine to test it and I have to say that it’s a real plus in my kitchen. Continue reading “SODASTREAM INFUSED WATER RECIPES”


Last week on thursday I attended a blogger event at Le Zai organized by the lovely Elodie Schmitt who works for the Zheng restaurants (Le Zai & Ginko Sushi) in Strassen. It was a good distraction from last week which was chaotic and stressful because of personal issues. I had the chance to meet blogger colleagues I knew virtually but not in real life and I mus say that they were easy going, terre à terre, not like some other bloggers I know.


Cocottes Glacis – a Place to Be

Cocottes Glacis – the place to be… I know, I know, I’m a poet! Joke aside, I enjoyed the blogger lunch at Cocottes Glacis where I was invited to test new products from their range. I didn’t expect that I would like the food so much. I have to admit that I hadn’t eaten at Cocottes before and I thought that it would be another hipster, over priced, place to eat, forgotten in a few months. But I found out that it actually is a place where a lot of different people take a seat to have their lunch, that the food doesn’t only look pretty but it’s also very tasty and that the price is justified for fresh, organic and local products.

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3 sorts of oven baked samosas


Since my Instagram post about the samosas I did last week generated many likes, I decided to do a step by step recipe about it. If you know the technique to fold samosas, it’s not very tricky to do them. I made some step by step photos on how to fold them and you can additionally find videos on Youtube about the fold technique.

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Super Bowl Feast

Last night I watched the Super Bowl with my friends. Let’s be honest, I wanted to watch it for the half time show, I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan and of course for the snacks and drinks. After way too many nachos and hot dogs I felt very tired and well I took a nap to wake up just before Lady Gaga spidermaned the stage. Her performance was as I expected, professional, glittery, not lip synched and entertaining. After the half time show I decided to go to bed because the Falcons seemed to win the game and obviously because I was tired and had eaten all the snacks. Who knew at that moment that the Patriots would come back to win the game!?

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The best cookies recipe ever

After years of searching for the perfect cookie recipe, I didn’t manage to find it. But fortunately I have a good friend, let’s call him Damiano B. from D. (28), who found it for me and also for YOU if you’re reading my blog. By the way, thank you for reading this! That said, I assure you that if you’ll bake these cookies, people who’ll try them, will ask you for more.  It’s certainly not the healthiest food for your body but they’re worth the work out after a binge.

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Tarte Flambée with goat cheese

You always wanted to make tarte flambée at home or maybe you want to try a new recipe that is easy and fast to prepare? Follow my steps and the taste and smell of Alsace will invade your kitchen. Well don’t do it like me on the second time I tried the recipe.You better know your oven, because when I did it in my friends oven (Does this sound like metaphorical dirty talk? Yes it does, but  it’s not meant to!) I burnt my Flammkuchen because her oven was too powerful. (Again, this is meant literally!)

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