Bretzelsonndeg – a tradition in Luxembourg

Dear male readers from Luxembourg did you get your pretzel today? If you are a lucky man with a caring partner who places value on traditions, you probabely got one today. A girl who follows the tradition gives on Mid-Lent Sunday a sweet pretzel to the boy she likes. If he likes her as well he will give her an egg made of chocolate on Easter Sunday. In leap years it is reversed, the girl buys the pretzel and the boy the egg. Married couples follow the tradition too.
Since I forgot to go to the bakery, my husband bought one this morning  (from Fischer) when he went out to walk the dogs. Finally this year I had the occasion to buy the pretzel, which by the way is much cheaper than a fancy egg filled with chocolates and of course I messed up!  What about you, did you eat a pretzel today?