Mondays have a bad reputation, I bet half of the people who are reading this, hate Mondays. The weekend is over, work starts again and many people tend to blame Mondays for their bad mood. But I like to see it differently. Mondays can be great too. Every week you have the chance of a new beginning, new inspiration and ideas. I was thinking about my future blog posts and for today I planned to dig through my bathroom garbage, collect all the empty flasks and jars and write an article about beauty products I always run out of and rebuy all the time. I selected five products that I really like and would recommend.

Nivea Sun – Carotene Sun Tan Lotion SPF 6

I use this sun lotion since years and in the past you couldn’t find it in Luxembourg. I found it in Spain in a drug store but now you can buy it in every good super market. Its SPF isn’t hight so I wouldn’t recommend it for skins that tend to get a sunburn very quickly. For my mediterranean skin it’s appropriate. The perfume is pleasant and the texture too. Since it is made of carrots which contain carotene, it helps the skin to get a nice tan. However the first days of sun I use other lotions with higher SPF’s because I don’t want to risk to burn my skin.

NYX Pore Filler

Before putting  on my make up I apply this pore filler. It makes the skin incredibly smooth and it reminds me of Benefit Porefessional but it costs a third of its price. It has exactly the same texture and effect. So if you’re looking for a good Benefit dupe you need to test this one.

Rituals The Ritual Of Sakura Body Scrub

To be honest, when I see a Rituals store I am not tempted to enter the shop. I never bought anything there for myself. I only buy presents for people who like the brand. I got this sugar body scrub in a gift box for my birthday and I tested it. I’m really happy I did it because this is the best body scrub I ever had. First its scent is absolutely perfect, it is made of organic rice, cherry blossom and sugar. I used it before a spray tan and it soothes the skin to the next level.

Catrice Camouflage Cream

I have always been bothered by dark under eye circles even as a kind. I have no insufficiency of anything, it’s just the way my skin is and I can’t help it. I tried so many concealers from drug stores and from luxury brands and there are a few that I like. I am very satisfied with the Catrice Camouflage Cream because of its high coverage and low price. Just as simple as that!

Trend It Up Nude Pen Matte 03

If you are looking for a nice matte nude lipstick you can test this one, it comes in three different shades. I prefer the darkest one. It’s easy to apply and odourless plus it doesn’t dry out your lips like many other matte lipsticks. If you expect it to last for eight hours you will be disappointed but I don’t mind applying it e few times a day.

I hope you liked this beauty article, when I was brainstorming on my future posts I planned more beauty themed contributions. You can send me your suggestions if you want me to write about something in particular. While I was writing down my ideas I had the chance to try these cute heart-shaped chocolate by Planète Chocolat. Check out their site, they also have orangettes, macarcons and many other yummy treats. Maybe you ask yourself how can I have these chocolates in Luxembourg? They do chocolate delivery in cooling boxes, so no need to worry about the chocolate losing its quality during delivery.