Where to eat in Luxembourg? Testing Au P’tit Max.

Luxembourg may be a small country, sometimes we tend to wait for the new trends to be present on our territory, but I never heard someone complaining that he didn’t find a restaurant. We are spoiled with restaurants and most of them didn’t disappoint me. I love to test new places and new food. That’s why I went to the “Au P’Tit Max” in Luxembourg Kirchberg to find out if it is worth a visit.


Let me describe the place. It is in a residential area in Kirchberg, isolated from the big cold buildings which are the trademark of that neighborhood. I like the fact that I didn’t have the impression to actually be in Kirchberg. There is also a client parking for the restaurant so that the annoying fact to search for a place for your car is eliminated, an absolute asset of the location.

The restaurant is divided in three areas, you have the bar, the front room – in dark colors and there is the back room in lighter colors. The interior can be described as classy and cozy, it looks a bit like a dining room you would have at home, just larger. The acoustic of the room is very good. You know I hate it when it is loud when I have dinner, I really don’t care what the other guests are talking about when I’m on a dinner date with my husband. We are not the kind of couple that doesn’t know what to talk about while eating, fortunately! The staff was friendly as you expect it to be.


We were offered a salmon tartare as an amuse-bouche with our glass of Crémant. I always have a glass of Crémant as an aperitif, it is simply, but my favorite.

To start things well I chose the “ravioles de homard maison, consommé émultionné et Matignon” which were absolutely perfect, from the consistence to the sauce. I have nothing to criticize. My husband had the “taillade de thon jaune, chop choy de légumes aux saveurs d’Asie ” and he said he liked it a lot because the asian flavor was very subtle and you really could taste the fish, not only the sauce.

As a main dish I had the ” tartare de boeuf coupé au couteau, frites fraîches et mesclun en vinaigrette “, which I eat very often when I go to the restaurant. I would give 8 points from 10 for this dish, it was very tasty, but I wasn’t asked how I wanted it. Normally I say spicy, but the waiter didn’t ask. And that kind of dish is typically prepared at the table by the waiter, but at the P’tit Max, they prepare it in the kitchen. The meat was chopped by hand and it was a little rough, how I like it! My husband had the dorade from the menu, it was good, but the presentation could have been prettier like the rest of the dishes we had.

For desert I took the pineapple with coconut ice cream and I loved it. The ice cream was lovely, the coconut flavor was subtle, just perfect. My husband had the cheese, he chose from a small selection 5 cheeses and he said that they were all excellent.


First, I want to say that for vegetarians and for vegans there are some dishes to choose, that is a big plus, in a French restaurant, it is usually difficult to find something meatless. But let me give you a tip P’tit Max, you should use the words vegetarian + vegan on your menu, because non-French people don’t understand the word végétalien, and it is not used logically on your card.

And would I come back? The bill said 160€, it is a fair price for what we had. Yes, I would come back, the food was excellent and the place was so pretty. It is not a restaurant I would visit every week, because of my budget, but I would come back for a date night.

If you want to have your own opinion:

Au P’tit Max
23 Rue de la lavande,
1923 Luxembourg

Tel. +352 43 95 19