9 tips for the perfect party night

This title might sound stupid because partying seems to be automatically connected to fun however as a faithful member of party generation since more than 15 years, I can tell you that the theory is quite different in practice. Of course there are those unforgettable nights like the one where your friends peed on the front door of your ex’ house because at that moment it seemed to be the only reasonable and fair act of revenge. Or like the night you quit in secret the party you were actually invited to, to have tequila shots at the bar downstairs.
What I want to say is that often the anticipation seems to bring more satisfaction than the actual evening. And here are my tips to avoid disappointment after a night out.
1. The shoes
High heels are sexy, patent shoes are chic and long distance walks are a pain in the ass. Think about buying a pair of foldable flats like butterfly twists. You can easily carry them in your bag.
2. The drive home
Let the one that is the least drunk drive home might sound as a good plan at 4 am but it’s not! Always keep some cash in an extra pocket of your bag for a cab.
3. The expectations
Try not to have expectations for the evening or you will possibly be disappointed. If single, stop thinking that tonight is the night you will meet your future husband. Because it’s probably not. What you can expect is a hangover the day after. Hangovers are trusty! And so are the many visits to the bathroom and they can be on the runny side. I start talking about expectations and end up with poop stories. Well everybody likes poop stories, don’t you?
4. The outfit
What looks good in the changing room is not necessary the best for the club. A bodycon dress might channel your inner Beyoncé and look good on a selfie but it definitely rides up when you shake it up on the dance floor. Choose something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.
5. The bag
Carry a crossbody bag if you are like me and tend to forget your bag somewhere under a table while dancing and ordering more beer. Things that I lost / someone from stole me when I was tipsy:
2 cameras / 1 phone / a whole weekends budget / my dignity
6. The free drinks
This one often worked for me. Sit at a bar with your friends, order some shots and sing happy birthday. The shots will be for free if the bartender is nice. Change bar. Repeat.
7. The emergency kit
Pack your bag and leave tonight, would say George Michael. You don’t need your whole make up for a night out, I hate the girls in bathrooms who carry enough stuff to film a whole make up tutorial. They never leave the mirror. What you need is powder, your lipstick and perfume. Ask for samples of your perfume at Sephora, they are for free.
8. The theme party
If you go to a themed party dress up for that theme even if you know that nobody will dress up. Who cares what the other people think? You and your friends will have fun and get in touch with a lot of new people, which means flirting or free drinks or both.
9. The phone
Leave that phone in your pocket! Your friends are all at the same party as you are but if you feel the need to check your facebook feed for the seventh time in ten minutes, hey, just do it! You might miss a cute cat video.
Now after all these tips you can add me on snapchat “lariviererose” and send me drunk party videos. You might get one back.