Hotel Review: 25 Hours hotel Düsseldorf Das tour

I went to Düsseldorf to visit the Caravan Salon because I may buy a van. Yes, I liked the van life so much that I am thinking about buying my very own one. Visiting that fair made me think about the pros and cons of owning such a vehicle. Let me know if you want me to write a blog post about it. In this post I am going to review the hotel I was staying at during my trip. It is part of the 25 Hours Hotel chain that you will find in Berlin, Cologne, Dubai, Düsseldorf, Florence, Francfort, Hambourg, Paris, Munich, Vienne and Zürich.

This is what the hotel description says:

L‘ amour toujours – a very special liaison in the new Düsseldorf district Le Quartier Central: The major Rhine city of Düsseldorf and its proximity to France inspired the Swedish creative team, Stylt Trampoli, to weave German engineering and French artistic flair into a holistic concept for the 25hours Hotel Das Tour. Highlights include the restaurant and bar: The Paris Club extends over two storeys: The restaurant on the 16th floor is the place to meet for lunch or dinner.

Visitors to the 17th-floor bar enjoy a spectacular view of Düsseldorf while sampling our range of French highballs. The rooms? Languorous, artistic charm and warm hues in the French Chambres, or straightforward design and clear colours in the German Rooms. The two worlds collide in the Melange Suites. The spa on the 14th floor offers a similarly breathtaking view. Travellers and locals will find a French café, a kiosk and a bike shop on the ground floor.

Hotel theme

The 25 hours Hotel Das Tour is inspired by the French lifestyle. The exterior of the tower represents the French flag and has a very special feature: bath tubs on the balconies! We had the chance to have such a room with a tub which is a cool feature but I have to admit that I didn’t use it. But my husband did, I guess it was a little too cold for me in September to take an outdoor bath. Speaking of bathing, the hotel has branded beauty products which were high quality and smelled so good.

Hotel room

The most important feature of a hotel room is the bed of course! What should I say, the bed was… a dream. I slept like a baby. We had enough pillows to find the perfect one, which is so important to me. The shower was perfect with its waterfall function and I liked that the toilet was separated by a real door. Some hotels have it integrated into the room and I don’t like that lack of privacy, that is why the “Das Tour” gets an extra point.

Hotel decor

That’s it for the functional aspects of the room, now I will talk about the decor. The decor is the reason why I booked this hotel. It is modern, clean, but also stylish. It is decorated the way you would decorate your own house, with a lot of small details, not the impersonal way a hotel is usually decorated. That is what makes you feel comfortable. The room even has a boom box to connect with a smart phone and for the ones who like vintage stuff, they have a record player with a few vinyls that you can listen to.

Hotel breakfast

The breakfast wasn’t pricey at all and it had high quality products. They even had oysters and champagne! But what I liked the most was the chocolate spread, wow that tasted good and oops I forgot to note the brand of the spread. Well I guess it is better for my body shape. We didn’t have a window table but that didn’t matter, because one could enjoy the view of the 16th floor from every table of the restaurant.

Hotel services

Right after entering the hotel lobby, there is small café and a souvenir shop with fresh flowers and cute original gifts. The lobby was decorated with boho chairs and big pillows which looked so comfortable. There is a bar on the last floor, the 17th floor, with a breath taking view of Düsseldorf. We just had a quick look outside and went for dinner because the bar was full.

Would I come back?

The answer is yes! I really can recommend the 25 Hours Hotel Düsseldorf La Tour because it is close to the city center, you can reach it by foot and the bed was perfect. I think that is the most important aspect of a hotel. But the decor and the breakfast are definitely also important to me. I have just a little con, I forgot my beauty products in the shower (hair and face products worth of at least 150€). When I contacted the hotel, they told me that the cleaning service didn’t find anything… I guess they have nice hair and skin now. But hey, I should have taken care of my things! This negative experience didn’t affect my review and I would book it again.

I paid 122,50 € for the room and 18 € for the breakfast (breakfast for one person). To book a room, visit the 25 Hours Hotel Düsseldorf La Tour’s website.

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