Let me check my planner to see what happened this year. Lots of traveling and exciting changes on the blog. But also grief and the feeling of insecurity. 2017 got to an end so quickly, the older I get, the faster time passes and by saying this I really sound super old. Actually when are you considered old? I am 33 now and I really, really don’t consider myself as old. And I’m not! I can prove it, my skin can prove it! I haven’t one single wrinkle yet. Okay, yes, I am not skinny and skinny people get wrinkles sooner, but who cares! I have to admit that the capacity of my liver to break down the alcohol is more limited than it was some years ago as student but if I only drink champagne it works. Good enough for me!

  1. I bought a garden with my husband and two friends and I am so excited to plant vegetables. Will we be able to grow something edible? Not so sure about that but at least we will try. I already planted 500 flower bulbs, at least those will look pretty. I’m also looking forward to have some events in our garden, maybe a boho picnic? Damn Pinterest raised the bar very high on my expectations…
  2. 2017 was a good year for my blog La Rivière Rose. I started working with brands on a regular basis. Something that I was frustrating about in 2016, because it was so hard to approach brands. In Luxembourg I think it’s even harder, people don’t know what a blog is and don’t take it seriously. The most frustrating was to try to work with beauty salons. I don’t know why but I just contacted really limited owners. One even told me that I shouldn’t ask money to promote the salon because I am not even a footballer’s wife. What? And Kim Kardashian has more followers than me and girl promotes things for free. WHAAAAT? Yeah for sure dummy, as if Kimmy would do anything for free. I bet also North has to pay her mummy to get a selfie with her. But then things changed for me, I won’t lie to you, it was hard work and I almost gave my blog up. But I didn’t and that’s a good thing. I would have never imagined in January when I applied for the Kachen Blog Award that I would really win that award.
  3. I travelled a lot, I went skiing, okay I didn’t ski, my friends did that, I went to the sauna and the spa. That’s more my kind of ski holiday. But I rode a sleigh, I cannot say that I rocked that part, that would be exaggerated, at least I didn’t cry.
  4. The British pound is so low that shopping at ASOS became even more fun. And I may have an ASOS addiction since years.
  5. I spent a weekend in Lyon thank Cactus and thank the Blog Award, where I stayed at the Sofitel hotel and visited the Mons cheese factory. I felt like a princess, I mean who couldn’t get used to french 5 star hotels?
  6. I learned that there is no way everyone likes you, but it’s fine, I mean there are people who don’t like champagne and oven baked nachos, there is nothing not to like about that, but there will always be people on earth who still hate it. It’s damn hard to get likes in Luxembourg. Your local laundry service gets 5k likes on Facebook, but a person like me trying to produce funny content with at least a little bit of substance has to fight for every single like.
  7. I went to Senegal in Africa and it was one of the best holidays I ever had. I guess also because I saw a baby giraffe. When I saw it I told everyone that it was the best day of my life. My husband wasn’t amused… Okay our wedding day was also great but baby giraffe, HELLO!
  8. I also learned to accept that your body changes with the age and that it’s fine. I really wanted to shoot full body photos of me. This wasn’t easy, I tend not to look at my body because it’s not the way people expect it tobe and because it is not the same as it used to be. I am so proud of myself that I started doing fashion photos. I mean I love fashion and I know how to dress so I had to do that step. It was very important to me and I will continue doing much more in 2018.
  9. I learned that most people aren’t who they appear to be. Nobody has a real plan in life, it’s always freestyle. People who look like they know what they are doing, just don’t tell that they have no clue. Don’t let them fool you.
  10. Spending time with people you love is more important than having a lot of money. This sound so cliché and it is obvious, but I don’t know many people who really follow this rule. I do, I chose to work fewer hours to be able to do the things I love, like blogging and spending time with my husband, my dogs and friends.
  11. Kravitz and Loco are my dogs and I love them so much. It becomes always harder to leave them. last time I went on holiday I missed them so much that I was really sad. They are my family and there is no shame in admitting it. I really see them as my family members, my good boys.
  12. Flower dresses better be in style next year as well, because I think I bought 10 this year.
  13. I stopped wearing the cheapest make up in store and guess what? it’s a complete make up game changer. My skin is almost 34 years old and it look better than ever.
  14. I  developed a real hate against people asking me when I will have kids. Guess what, never ever and it’s none of your business. People never ask you why you decided to have kids, but they feel very concerned asking you why you don’t want to be a parent. You know what, when I will be old and sitting in a retirement home I won’t be sad because my kids won’t visit me. All those people who have kids will be disappointed, I mean don’t bury your heads in the sand, your kids will only visit you for mothers and fathers day and maybe for christmas. And hey, I was just kidding, I will never ever sit in a retirement home, I will sit in my villa in Mallorca with my private nurse. Old bastard in style.
  15. Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty and that made me happy. Sorry guys, I really love those products.
  16. I stopped comparing myself to other bloggers, because I am different and it’s not a bad thing. Not everything works for everyone. There will be always a smarter, funnier and prettier person than me with better ideas. I stopped stressing about it.
  17. I celebrated my birthday in style, I really love celebrating my birthday and every year I have a new theme. This year the theme was “white trash” and the costumes that my friends wore, were just above the limit! I can’t show you the pics because what happens at my birthday stays at my birthday. Let’s just say it was legendary. 2018 theme will be “One night at studio 54”, maybe I will sneak out some pics for you…